usb flash drive

usb flash drive

Model No.︰UV105

Brand Name︰Vitas

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰300 pc

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Product Description

0: Product Name: USB Flash Disk
1: USB2.0 criteria,Compatible with USB1.1;
2: USB main interfacespeed rate can reach 12Mb/s.
3: Adopt super stable level A Flash chip.
4: Can rewrite for million timesdata can remain more than 10 years.
5: Need not the outer power supply.
6: Thumb size, only weigh 11.5 gram, legerity and convenient by taking.
7: Under WinMe/Win2000/WinXP system no need drivers.
8: Auto-guide system operate, be the same with Bios
9: Be provided with the super-function such as hardware encrypt, document encrypt and write-protect